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the biome


The nightowl works through the hours of darkness to bring light to your days, and clarity to your literary texts. Examining, dissecting, scrutinising media from its great height. Visit its domain at your own peril, for the nightowl is all at once your humble servant, and your vengeful predator.


The jackalope is a creature rarely encountered, and seldom recorded. Recalling stories from its many travels, each untold and unknown, it seeks only to broaden the shared knowledge of the dwellers of its realm, and perhaps to hear a few more. Travel the forked paths of its land, and discover something new, in the old.


The ordadder is perhaps the most peculiar inhabitant of the kingdom. Little is known of its origins, intentions, or beliefs. It is known only that, once in a blood moon, it visits. And leaves in its wake a fragment of a tale, disparate from its own, which tells of a lost city. With rain made of mercy, and towns built from woe. But where could this ouroboros end?


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