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As a square-eyed TV obsessive, my ambitions in writing began in 2020, when I by chance won the Sixteen-Eighteen Sky Atlantic Science-Fiction Writing Competition. I thus spent all lockdown reading BBC Writers Room scripts, watching BBC iPlayer TV, and writing my own scripts. This is my only education in writing to now.


Following my graduation from The Manchester Fiom School, I was sucessfully inducted into the presitgious MAMA Youth TV Training Course for disadvantaged people as a Trainee Production Coordinator - which just this year was awarded a BAFTA in recognition of its work. I have been working in TV as a Runner and Script Reader since, and in my spare time, I write and produce non-profit short film.

My interest in storytelling derives, most notably, from Doctor Who. Having studied the show, I feel I know the cast-iron strength of its structure as well as I know the flexibility of its format. It is one of very few stories wherein the more you dig, the more you find. The simple pitch of the show, contains multitudes within: as a story, it is bigger on the inside. This is in credit to the staggering amount of intent and love, and that love has perhaps shaped my ambitions more than anything.


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